Job Description: Brand Bartender – AANI EK (Goa)

———–Position Overview———–

We are seeking a creative and passionate Brand Bartender to join our dynamic team at Aani Ek. The Brand Bartender will play a pivotal role in representing our brand by developing innovative cocktail recipes, forging partnerships with new establishments, managing bar takeovers, and overseeing our brand’s presence at events and private parties. The ideal candidate should possess exceptional mixology skills, strong communication abilities, and a deep understanding of our brand’s ethos.


  1. Cocktail Recipe Development:

    Create unique and captivating cocktail recipes that showcase our brand’s products and align with our brand identity.

    Experiment with various ingredients, flavors, and presentation styles to craft cocktails that resonate with our target audience.

    Continuously innovate and refine cocktail offerings to stay ahead of industry trends and customer preferences.

  2. New Establishment Presentations:

    Collaborate with our sales and marketing teams to identify potential partner establishments for our brand.

    Conduct engaging presentations to introduce our cocktail recipes and demonstrate the value of our products to bar managers and owners.

    Build strong relationships with key decision-makers in the hospitality industry to secure placement of our brand’s products on their menus.

  3. Bar Takeovers and Events:

    Plan and execute bar takeover events in collaboration with selected bars and venues.

    Curate immersive experiences that highlight our brand’s products, cocktail creations, and brand story.

    Manage all aspects of bar takeovers, including staffing, setup, mixology demonstrations, and customer engagement.

  4. Brand Bar Stall Management:

    Represent our brand at various events, festivals, and private parties where our bar stall is featured.

    Showcase exceptional mixology skills and present our cocktails in an engaging and informative manner.

    Provide a memorable brand experience to event attendees, answering questions and fostering positive brand associations.

  5. Beverage Program Consultation:

    Offer expert advice and recommendations to establishments on developing or enhancing their own beverage programs.

    Share insights on trends, customer preferences, and innovative techniques to elevate their cocktail offerings.

  6. Training and Education:

    Conduct training sessions for bar staff at partner establishments on how to prepare our signature cocktails.

    Educate staff on the unique qualities of our products, enabling them to confidently promote and serve our brand.

  7. Brand Ambassadorship:

    Embody the brand’s values and ethos in all interactions, both internally and externally.

    Act as a brand ambassador by engaging in positive interactions with customers, stakeholders, and the industry.

———–Basic Qualifications———–

Proven experience as a skilled bartender, preferably with experience in cocktail creation and mixology.

Extensive knowledge of different alcoholic beverages, cocktail techniques, and industry trends.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills for effectively presenting ideas and building relationships.

Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and travel as needed for events and presentations.

High level of professionalism and enthusiasm for representing the brand.

———–Preferred Qualifications———–

Certification from recognized bartending/mixology programs. Experience in brand representation, promotions, or event management. Proficiency in social media platforms for promoting events and engaging with audiences.

Join us in taking our brand to new heights through innovative cocktails, engaging events, and authentic connections within the hospitality industry.

To apply, please submit your resume, a cover letter, and a portfolio showcasing your cocktail creations.

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Email aaniek.goa@gmail.com (cc. sales@aaniekgoa.com)