The infusion of Feni – An age-old tradition

By Jill D'Souza


Just like any other Indian culture or tribe, ancient secrets using herbs & potions have been passed down from generation to generation, here in Goa as well.

A bottle of Feni is found in almost every Goan home in the state, and at some point, someone in the house has experimented with an infusion!

These usually included Jeera, ajwain, ginger, garlic, dukshiri and bitter gourd and were primarily used for medicinal purposes.
Jeera and Ajwain are used to cure an upset stomach.
Ginger feni for a sore throat and garlic for heart problems.

Dukshiri (the root of the Indian Sarsaparilla), also used in ayurveda, helps to cure pain in the body.
Bitter Gourd helps with diabetes.

The ginger and jeera flavours slowly made its way to recreational drinking sessions in the balcao…

Although the infusions were initially done by hanging a cloth potli over the feni, so that the vapours would be infused, we now experiment with spices and other local ingredients by directly soaking them into the feni and straining these out later.

Paving the way for more exciting combinations a hundred years ago … We now enjoy an array of flavours with feni infusions. Thanks to our ancestors. Thanks to our people, aficionados and enthusiasts. For keeping #thespiritofGoa alive through small, but great traditions.

We at Aani Ek bring you three infusions, Limon, Chilli & Honey+Cinnamon, already on the shelf. And we’ve got some more coming up soon. Stay tuned. Until then, Saude!

PS: Ofcourse, Feni cures everything!